Saturday, June 30, 2007

Welcome to Parenthood!

The family spent its first Saturday afternoon in America hanging out in our local emergency room.

Wynn had a cough on and off while we were in China, and we'd given her Triaminic, which worked quite well. She was doing better, so we didn't give it much thought. Then last night a about 3 AM she woke up and made this "I can't breathe" sound and proceeded to throw up in the bed. She slept most of the morning, and by the time afternoon rolled around, she was getting feverish and couldn't even keep down a couple teaspoons of water. She didn't act like she felt bad at all, but we decided to risk being labeled as the first time parents who over-react every time their child sniffles. We took her to the ER and are so glad we did.

After being looked over by two nurses and the doctor and enduring a throat culture and a couple x-rays, Wynn was diagnosed with pneumonia. She took the whole medical exam thing in stride, but refused to open her mouth for the throat culture. We have this game we play with her where I say the Chinese word for nose and she points to hers. Then I say the word for tongue, and she sticks hers out. We tried to get her to play this to help the doctor look in her mouth, but Wynn was totally on to the fact that we were trying to trick her. She gave me this look like "No dice, Mama" and kept her mouth closed.

The doctor gave her a shot of antibiotics and a prescription for more to take for the next seven days. Two hours after she got the shot, she was up and active as ever - and BEGGING for food. We were supposed to start her slowly with clear fluids, but, again, no dice. She would not stop until she was presented with a bowl of extremely watered-down Cream of Wheat that I'd kindly stirred some strawberry syrup into. When that was gone, she wanted more, so we moved on to banana.

We coaxed her away from the food long enough to give her a bath and brush her teeth to get the vomit smell out of her mouth. Then she stood pointing at the kitchen and CRIED until I ponied up with some more Cream of Wheat.

She slept most of the day, so what are the odds that she'll sleep at all tonight?


As you mull over the night we're going to have with our newly-energized toddler, enjoy the lovely pictures of Renmin Park, Nanning, China. (It was about a block from our hotel.)


jwaskosky said...

Well..... did you remember to bring the movies?? One thing I have learned is if you don't feel comfortable with the baby take her in... Never worry about what they will think. So Wynn wanted to be like Megan. I hope she is feeling much better. Poor baby. It is hard to listen to them cough and the cough always gets worse when they are getting better, because they are breaking up the bad stuff. Call me if you need anything.. I'm good with the lung stuff. I had on the job training.Hahahah. seriously call... jill

Erin Bennett said...

You poor things! Welcome to parenthood is right! I hope she is feeling LOTS better.
Keep the pictures coming. ;)