Monday, June 11, 2007


A question for all you parents out there:

Approximately how long does it take before you are successfully programmed to remember that there are child safety latches on your cupboards? Ours have been up and running for twenty-four hours now, and so far every attempt to throw something in the kitchen trash has been accompanied by a loud clunking noise quickly followed by a Homer Simpson-esque "D'oh!"



Erin Bennett said...

HA! I love it! Let's see....considering ours have been on the cupboards since Jackson was confidently mobile (approximately mid-winter) and we still forget about them (and experience the accompanying clunk and "d'oh!"), I'd be tempted to say that successful programming never really happens. :) Good luck, though!

kelly said...

Godspeed Ann and Scott. I am so glad that Wen has a family. Enjoy it all even the hard parts. You are on a grand adventure and becoming a multicultural family is awesome. When you get to Guangzhou you will be will several other CHSFS families so you will have lots of support and new friends.

Your blog is great.

Kelly deRosier

Wendy said...

When it comes to the cabinets, Hannah has just turned 3 and while we have removed locks from some cabinets, the high danger (chemical & major breakables)cabinets are still locked and I frequently catch myself grabbing the door and wondering why it is stuck. D'oh!