Monday, June 25, 2007

Photo Special Edition!

Smog in Beijing

Beijing Traffic

Us at the Airport in Beijing

The Bus We Rode to the Tarmac

The Highway into Nanning

View of Nanning from our Hotel Window

When They Handed Wynn to Ann

The Part They Warned Us About

First Time Wynn Sat on Mom's Lap with No Tears

The Whole Family by a Rice Paddy Outside Nanning

The Scenery in Guangxi is Amazing!

The View from The White Swan in Guangzhou

Wynn Flapping her Arms for More Tomatoes

Favorite Jelly Flavor: Strawberry

Reading with Baba

She LOVES the Remote


Anonymous said...

Ann and Scott:

I am a besotted Gradma already. The pictures are wonderful. She is
the cutest little peanut! Ranger and Wynn will soon be feeding each other under the kitchen table. Everyone told me that being a Grandma was full of joy; I can now say that is true. Hurry home. The weather is supposed to be in the low 80's.


Erin Bennett said...

What a sweetheart!! What is so funny in the picture at Starbucks? :)

Eric, Beth, Sam and Lily said...

Well we finally got to spend time on your site tonight -- two kids, you know, you'll's hard to break away for a few minutes!

Loved the pix -- looking forward to welcoming Wynn back to WBL. The kids keep asking "are they home yet?" They are ready to play!

Congratulations on a succecssful journey. She is beautiful and it looks like you've naturally introduced her to her first Starbucks experience. Those tables at Kowalskis are waiting for you to share a muffin together and coffee to help you readjust to Minnesota time!

Travel safely. Things are blooming and beautiful back in the neighborhood. And there was brand new play equipment installed at the park down the block -- just waiting for you.

See you soon, Eric, Beth, Sam and Lily

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I'm excited to see her in have to bring her to school! Hope you are still adjusting well. Maybe I'll see you strolling by in White Bear!

Claudia Kabella