Thursday, December 27, 2007

Season's Greetings

The Elmo car was a big hit. In typical Wynn fashion, she drove it around for a while, honked the horn a bit, and then started looking underneath it to figure out how it works. We glanced over, and there she was - on the floor like an auto mechanic about to change the oil. She is perpetually fascinated with how things go together - and how to take them apart.

We love that Wynn and Grandpa have the same fashion sense. Christmas Eve was a celebration of plaid this year.

Wynn's gift from Grandma Barb was a homemade Curious George quilt and pillow. Wynn loves them both and started playing "snuggle" with them as soon as we got home. She still enjoys watching George on TV but has discovered Clifford and Sesame Street as well.

Here's Wynn and Grandma Marilyn figuring the classic Sit and Spin. She doesn't quite have the upper body coordination to spin herself around yet, but, based on the look on her face when we spin her, she's motivated to learn. It has a switch on the bottom to turn the music off. Guess how long it took her to flip the thing over and find the switch?

What Minnesota winter would be complete without a ride in a sled? Baba and Wynn took it out for a spin around the yard during our lovely Christmas Day snowfall. We need to find a small hill for her to ride down because pulling that sled gets to be tough work.

The time off from work has given us a chance to not only relax around the house together; we have also been busy taking care of more adoption paperwork and such. We had our six-month meeting with our social worker last week. All went well, and Wynn willingly agreed to accompany Baba to the bathroom after she dropped an extremely stinky load in her diaper during the interview. :-)

The day after Christmas was spent in the waiting room at the Social Security Administration offices; after ninety minutes of waiting, our number was finally called so we could have our three minutes at the window. Wynn was great during the LONG wait; she stayed on Baba's lap, was sufficiently amused by opening and closing the zippers on our jackets, and got to watch a baby drinking out of a bottle, which she found FASCINATING.

Today we took care of applying for a US passport for Wynn and getting ourselves fingerprinted (for the THIRD time) for yet another background check - this time because Minnesota changed its process and is making *everyone* who completed an adoption this year get screened again - even though we have already been screened by the state and, obviously, passed.

Now we have another week of vacation to relax and enjoy the snow.

- Ann

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

That's Wynn Too

In case you're sick of all the cute, smiling pictures of our daughter, here's one they took of her at daycare.

They swear she was cheerful and fun while the other kids were getting their pictures taken, but as soon as the camera turned to her, she put on this face. All their cajoling could not get her to crack a smile. We hope this answers any questions you may have about taking her to have her picture taken with Santa this year.

We love how delightfully grumpy she looks, but we have no idea whose mittens she's wearing.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snowsuit Model

As we were out walking in the snow today, Scott and I were commenting on the fact that it was only about six months ago when our family walk was in the sticky heat of Renmin Park in Nanning. Half a year ago and half a world away...

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Wynn got her first look at real Minnesota snow today. She's been in cold weather denial lately - refusing to put on her coat when we leave daycare. Today as she pulled her bare hands into her coat sleeves at the Christmas tree lot, I got a glimmer of hope that she just might figure out this protect yourself against the cold thing we do here.

Her First Reaction to Standing in the Snow

Showing Off Her Footprints

Her Friends in Guangxi Wouldn't Believe This

Warming Up Over Dinner with Baba

Notice that our Christmas tree is safely sequestered on the three-season porch. She can see it through the glass, but she can't touch it. I miss having the house smell like fresh tree, but not having to pick up broken ornaments makes it all worthwhile.