Friday, September 20, 2013

BFFs on the playground

Wynn and Tess are both goofy grapes out on the playground - they love to dig in the sand, chase each other, have big pretend adventures. They have so much fun together - pity they're in different classes during the day this school year but they hook up every afternoon and have a grand time.

Kind of nice too that Tess is Wynn's size - the European kids in their classes are almost all bigger

South China sisters keeping guard on the fortress...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Spelling practice at the State Fair

Much of the State Fair has been pulled down for yet another year - we love to go over after dinner while there's still sunlight for our walks
So Wynn has English class this year - they teach it as a second-language starting in 2nd Grade. The kids are all over the place with their English skills, so they split the 2nd graders into a group that needs more remedial work and a group that's ready for grade-level or above work. Wynn's in the advanced group.

That means she'll be getting a lot of English spelling words this year!  We have been practicing the usual way at home, but Ann thought of a clever way to work it into our evening walks - bring sidewalk chalk around & quiz Wynn every couple blocks!
Wynn has decided this idea is quite fun.  I wonder what other people walking and driving around the Fairgrounds must think...
The Senator's little cabin hasn't been moved out yet & you can walk up on the porch...  so obligatory goofball snapshot...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hearing Aids no more!

Had a follow-up visit with Wynn's ear surgeon and audiologist this morning. Her right ear is fully functional! The operation earlier this summer was a complete success.

Wynn hasn't been using the hearing aids for several months now, so we returned them so that the Lions' Club can use them to help other kids.
Got to keep her ear molds though!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

State Fair 2013 - all over now

The gates were not opened right away after the Fair ended; we had to wait a few days to get back on the grounds. Much of the teardown has taken place but there are still many reminders...

Scene that started the famous balloon-popping episode...
We'll be seeing you guys a few times next year! Those crepes were awesome!

We've never taken Wynn out onto the actual Midway, and from looking at the puddles of ... whatever that stuff was almost a week after the Fair had closed ... we WON'T be even when she's 18...
This donut-making machinery could make so many people so happy throughout the year. Like me and Shadow.
The grass really never had a chance this year with it being so hot and so dry so long into August...
Our own little Inception moment...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Minnesota State Fair - Fifth (and final) Time Out

The heat has been unbelievable for this late in the season! But we still had tickets to use up, so one last time to the Fairgrounds!  Breakfast was eaten! A political statement was made! Art was seen! A comedian was watched! A ride was ridden!

Oh these were so so good.

After breakfast we walked up Carnes toward the Food Building - picked up a bag from WCCO Radio - and the next building up from that is the MN Republican Party. There was a fellow out front handing out balloons, and before we knew what was going on he'd given Wynn one.  We continued walking across Underwood and stopped in the open seating area by the gazebo near the Ag Building. We explained who the Republican Party was and their positions on political and social issues, and told her that they were against the Vote No campaign from 2012.  She thought for a moment and asked for a pinback button - and popped the balloon!  (To the cheers of the people sitting around us!)

A noticeable amount of student art in the Education building this year coming from Asian kids!

A full morning - a tired girl and her parents. School tomorrow...