Monday, September 16, 2013

Spelling practice at the State Fair

Much of the State Fair has been pulled down for yet another year - we love to go over after dinner while there's still sunlight for our walks
So Wynn has English class this year - they teach it as a second-language starting in 2nd Grade. The kids are all over the place with their English skills, so they split the 2nd graders into a group that needs more remedial work and a group that's ready for grade-level or above work. Wynn's in the advanced group.

That means she'll be getting a lot of English spelling words this year!  We have been practicing the usual way at home, but Ann thought of a clever way to work it into our evening walks - bring sidewalk chalk around & quiz Wynn every couple blocks!
Wynn has decided this idea is quite fun.  I wonder what other people walking and driving around the Fairgrounds must think...
The Senator's little cabin hasn't been moved out yet & you can walk up on the porch...  so obligatory goofball snapshot...

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