Sunday, September 1, 2013

Minnesota State Fair - Fifth (and final) Time Out

The heat has been unbelievable for this late in the season! But we still had tickets to use up, so one last time to the Fairgrounds!  Breakfast was eaten! A political statement was made! Art was seen! A comedian was watched! A ride was ridden!

Oh these were so so good.

After breakfast we walked up Carnes toward the Food Building - picked up a bag from WCCO Radio - and the next building up from that is the MN Republican Party. There was a fellow out front handing out balloons, and before we knew what was going on he'd given Wynn one.  We continued walking across Underwood and stopped in the open seating area by the gazebo near the Ag Building. We explained who the Republican Party was and their positions on political and social issues, and told her that they were against the Vote No campaign from 2012.  She thought for a moment and asked for a pinback button - and popped the balloon!  (To the cheers of the people sitting around us!)

A noticeable amount of student art in the Education building this year coming from Asian kids!

A full morning - a tired girl and her parents. School tomorrow...

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