Sunday, April 27, 2008

In Charge

Winter has been taking its time leaving the Northland, but last week we experienced a few nice days. Wynn took advantage by tapping Baba to carry her around the park in her backpack:
On the other pleasant day, she spread her rock star charms around the neighborhood from the comfort of her stroller, sporting her new sunglasses:

She really likes the way she looks in 'shades. Sometimes she mixes things up by wearing them upside down, just to stay on the leading edge of fashion...

With the poor weather today, Baba had no more excuses for avoiding a big house project: replacing the kitchen sink and its faucet. He spent most of the afternoon very uncomfortably on his back wrestling with uncooperative fasteners, tubing the wrong size, and eventually a big explosive leak when he crawled back under the staircase to turn the water back on. (He may be calling in injured tomorrow...) Thankfully he had two resources to save the day: a next-door neighbor who happens to be a retired plumber, and Wynn's expert supervision.