Monday, June 18, 2007

2 Hours to Toddler

We met with our facilitator, Hannah, at 10:30 this morning to work on Chinese adoption documents. There is one other family from CHSFS here with us (also from the Twin Cities!) so the paperwork was completed in just half an hour. Hannah answered our questions and spelled out the schedule for the next several days, and then we went to lunch.

At our paperwork meeting this morning, we got to see new pictures of Wynn - taken just a few days ago. She has quite a bit more hair now, and, for the first time we've seen, has kind of a skeptical look on her face. The picture will be her passport photo, so we're going with the story that her expression is more about the fact that she was being posed in such a particular way by a stranger rather than an indication that they gave her the news that WE'RE going to be her parents. :-)

We also got to hear a bit from her updated file - some notes about her personality, feeding and sleeping schedules, etc. They describe her as being a bit stubborn and say that she cries for a long time when she's mad. (Ann's mom is smiling right now, because that's pretty much a word for word description of Ann as a toddler.) Apparently, sometimes you do get a child who's "just like you."

It is now 1:45 in the afternoon. We will leave the hotel to get Wynn at 3:20. Ann is trying to get some rest; I am too nervous.

We're glad to have the computer here, but trying to download photos last night crashed the darned thing. We'll keep trying, but you may have to be satisfied with narrative rather than pictures until we get to Guangzhou.

Wish us luck!
(and patience)

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Laurel said...

Good luck with the adoption process. I know a couple who adopted four children from Russia. It wasn't easy, but it was very rewarding. The four kids are lovely. They're smart, kind, and a little bit mischevious. It is one of the happiest families that I have ever seen. I hope you have the same love and joy in your household that they do in theirs.