Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Final Day in Guangzhou

It is 11:00 in the morning presently - our bus leaves for the US Consulate at 2:45, at which time Wynn's papers are reviewed one last time and the oath of citizenship is administered.

Our alarm is set for 4:15 am - bags out in the hall at 5:00 and the bus for the airport leaves at 5:30. Again, precious little time to scope out the airport hunting, alas...

We took the group photos yesterday at lunchtime (the famous "red couch" here at the White Swan) and Wynn stole the show through her show of kindness to one of the other children -- Jenna was having a hard time, so Wynn fed her Cheerios and patted her on the hand.

Last night we took a Pearl River dinner cruise - the food was what you'd get at a local Chinese buffet, nothing remarkable; but what they have done with the riverfront is truly breathtaking. Wynn was very well behaved and the three of us had a great time. Ann called it "one of the best nights in my entire life."

We know we will be back - not if, but when.

It appears this computer (hotel @ 40 yuan per 15 minutes!!) will NOT allow us to load photos... Next posting will be back in the States, with many many pictures! See you soon!



jwaskosky said...

We can't wait to welcome you home!! I've run out of words and have a few tears in my eyes... love you.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your postings and have been filled with joy, laughter, and tears. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more pictures and reading!

Joanna O'Neil

Anonymous said...

Ann and Scott
Empathy at 18 months! What a girl. She showed signs of it when she wiped Scott's tears away. It is obvious that your instincts were right on when you decided that Wynn was the one for you. We are eagerly awaiting your return but realize that you will be tired. Therefore we will be leaving you alone for a bit. Do not think that we don't want to see you when we are not on your doorstep on Thursday. Let us know when you are ready for us. Love you all a bunch.

Mom and Dad