Monday, June 18, 2007

We Got Our Girl

The actual handover process was brief and surreal. Tomorrow we go to the Registry Office and do the "real" paperwork.

She appears to like to hang back and observe what's going on around her and make up her mind before jumping in. She didn't start to cry until we were leaving the floor of the hotel where we picked her up. She cried off and on in the van on the way to our hotel, but seemed to be calmed with distractions - a couple Cheerios, a stuffed animal, etc.

When we got back to the hotel room, she started to warm up to us a bit. She even kissed Scott right on the lips after about ten minutes of being held by him. After helping us eat Pizza Hut for dinner - which she LOVED - she started playing and interacting with us more. She points at things (i.e., a bowl of Cheerios) that she wants and enjoys playing I Hand This to You and Then You Hand It Back. She even figured out that she could make us laugh by holding Scott's wristwatch up to her forehead, so she did it over and over, smiling when she saw that she was affecting us.

Then it happened.
Pure Toddler Rage.

We think she heard another baby crying in the hall (There are 30 new adoptees on the ninth floor of the Xindu this week!), and she just lost it. This was the angry cry we'd been warned about. She raged for about an hour, looking at the door and holding out her hand like "I'm supposed to go back to my foster mom, and she's out THERE somewhere." She screamed and cried, but all the while clung to Scott and buried her face in his chest. She never pushed either of us away; it more like she sensed we were nice people who cared about her so it was okay to tell us how mad and hurt she was. At one point she could tell that we were upset too, and she took one of the cloths we had on her and proceeded to wipe away tears from Scott's face. She was so hurt and upset, but it was as if she could tell we were hurting for her too and wanted to help her daddy out.

Rage eventually gave way to exhaustion, and Wynn's been passed out on Scott for about forty-five minutes or so. He's popped a few Advil, and I managed to sneak out to the gift shop to get him some peanut butter Oreos.

A rough evening, but we're so glad we got some smiles out of her first.



Anonymous said...

Ann and Scott:
Oh my God! I wish I was closer to you. I think I remember that the "experts" said that rage was good. It also seems to indicate that she was "attached" to her caretakers. You all have so much adjusting to do. I remember feeling so helpless when you and Paul would cry and not be comforted. Our thoughts are with you. Sharon, Debie and many others are taking this journey with yoy. It may feel like it, but you are not alone and will not be when you get back. Feel free to express any emotion you have. We want to hear it all.


Wendy said...

It is wonderful to know you have your little girl, finally! What a great experience that you will never forget. It is great to hear that you have a daughter who obviously knows what she wants. You will all be exhausted for a while, but enjoy every minute of it. You are building the bonds for a lifetime. Smile, and remember that this too shall pass.

Wendy, Larry & Hannah

jwaskosky said...

Hi mommy and daddy!!! Congratulations. Ican't wait to see pics. try one instead of the thousand that you took. hahahahah. Ann, you know you will be scrapbooking soon. the pictures are going to be too precious not too!. I'm thinking of you and smiling. Jill

Holly Clark said...

I am so happy for you three. I've alternated between smiling and tearing up, just picturing how precious (and loud, what with all the screaming) that first night must have been. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Anonymous said...

I am SSSSSOOOOOO excited for you two!!!! I laughed and cried and laughed some more! As a matter of fact, Mom is doing the same thing right now---as Ben read it to her and then she promptly called me to look at the site. Congrats! Can't wait for you to come home! We all love you and are cheering for the newest member of our family! :)


Erin Bennett said...

Aaahhh! So exciting! I can't wait to hear more. Enjoy your baby!! Lots of love from MN. :)