Thursday, June 21, 2007

For Barb and Ken

Got your message about the bank.
Thanks for taking caring of that (us!).

Ann and Scott
(Hug Ranger for us!)

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Anonymous said...

Ann and Scott:

Re the banking, we were glad we could do it. I read Stephanie's comment about her mother bragging about Wynn. I am doing the same. Wynn sounds special, just like the two of you. I have noticed the the traffic on your blogsite is increasing. There is a reason for that; your written descriptions are putting us in the experience with you. While I am looking forward to more pictures, what you are writing is so vivid, we have a picture in our minds of what it is like and are traveling this road right along with you. Ranger is such a good boy. The neighbors are impressed with him. He has met two new doggie friends and is, of course, a perfect gentleman. Like Wynn he has attached to the man of the family. I am sure you are not surprised by that.

Love you,