Thursday, June 21, 2007


Wynn really opened up to me tonight. After our walk in the park we put her on the bed in just her diaper. While I was in the tub, she and Scott were watching Shanghai Idol on TV (hilarious!), tapping their feet to the Chinese pop music. I came out and started fixing a snack, which meant I had her attention. She motioned to me from across the room that she'd like some, and I delivered. Pretty soon I was sitting on the bed with her, sharing my graham crackers.

She loves how the smooth, cool bedsheets feel against her skin, and she keeps rubbing herself around on the covers. It looks like she's swimming around on the comforter, kicking her feet, stretching out her arms, rolling over again and again. I got on the bed with her and Scott, and soon the whole family was tickling her belly and giggling with her. She's particularly fond of having me take the bottom of her foot and go ZZZBBPPFF! on it. We feel like she's relaxing around us, and that what we've seen from her tonight is probably more of what her personality is really like.

Don't know what tomorrow will be like, but tonight has been so nice.

Also ... several people came up to us in the park to practice their English. The conversation always starts the same, "Hello. I'm glad to meet you. Where are you from?" One older couple were quite good at speaking English; they explained that their daughter lives in St. Louis and they've visited her there. They asked about which city Wynn was from, her name, etc. Then the woman looked at Wynn and said, "She's lucky." I replied by telling her that we were the lucky ones to be her parents. Maybe Wynn heard me.


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Sarah Engstrom said...


I feel like I'm going through this experience with you! I've been reading it to the kids I'm babysitting each morning and they're also just enthralled. I can't wait to meet Wynn! I'm bursting with happiness for you and your family!

Sarah Engstrom