Sunday, July 29, 2007

Everyone's Having Fun

First of all ... YES, Wynn's first evening with babysitters went beautifully! Grandma and Grandpa did an excellent job taking her for a walk in her stroller and teaching her such classic games as "Push Your Toys Around in a Basket Making Motorboat Noises" and "Guess Which Hand the Toy is Hidden In". (She's figured out that Grandpa is really just a great big kid who likes to roll around on the floor too.) She went to sleep for them with no more than her usual fuss, and Scott and I got to go laugh our heads off at "Spamalot". A great evening for all. :-)

Today we visited some friends in St. Paul, and their daughter said she had something that would be "the most fun in the world" for Wynn - riding on a giant toy horse. Take at look at the pictures to see Wynn and Ruby playing on the horse together (I forgot to ask what the horse's name is. Oops!) Ruby is doing a great job as Wynn's honorary aunt; she's very sweet and gentle with Wynn and really knows how to make her smile - even when it involves Ruby acting like a dog and fetching a ball for Wynn about a bazillion times.

My family visited this evening to laugh at Wynn's antics. Everyone's rather fond of this little shoulder shrug she does with her hands turned up to say, "I don't know." This set of pictures shows Wynn testing Uncle Paul's Gucci sunglasses to see if they really are unbreakable. Apparently, they are. (She's like the gorilla in the old Samsonite luggage commercial, so those glasses took quite a beating!)


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