Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adjusting to Normal

We're still having trouble convincing Wynn to fall asleep at night, but we think that might have something to do with her being a toddler...

We've set a appointment for Wynn to see the cleft palate specialist in early-August. It'll be nice to hear what he has to say and get some specifics on what kind of surgical schedule we're looking at. While we're not looking forward to major medical procedures for her, we're happy to be in a place where quality medical care is available. Once her palate repair is underway, getting liquids in her should be easier, and it will help with her speech also. (Although, she did very clearly say, "banana" this morning as I was slicing one up for her.)

This morning she figured out the difference between the REAL remote that actually turns to TV on and off and the FAKE remote that has no batteries; she prefers the real one. She managed to turn the TV on by herself. When Elmo came on, she looked a little perplexed, so she hit another button; Darth Vader appeared on on the screen, and she started to smile and laugh.

Today's pictures show Wynn playing with Nick and Megan, who visited her yesterday - and brought a sandbox and a McDonald's Happy Meal luncheon to enjoy at the mini picnic table. Very much appreciated.

You can also see how she's bonding with Ranger; it's FUN to delicately drop your rice on the floor and watch the dog eat it.


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