Saturday, July 7, 2007

Where'd She Learn That?

As we've been spending more and more time with our daughter, Scott and I are finding ourselves wondering about some of the things Wynn does. We're so happy to have her with us now, but we're very aware of the fact that she had a history before us. When she puts up her arms and sticks her hands through the armholes of her shirt to help get herself dressed, we wonder how old she was when she learned that. When she's having trouble falling asleep and starts humming "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", we wonder who first sang that tune to her. And where in the world did she learn that weird tiger cub humming thing she does when she's happy?!

We sent a disposable camera to her foster mom several weeks before we went to China. We got the film developed once we were home, and it's interesting for us to see the contrast between the home she had there and the one she has with us. I'm glad we didn't see the pictures before we went; if we'd seen them then, we'd be more apt to be judgmental as we see her in a crib with wooden slats instead of a mattress and riding on back of a bike with no safety equipment visible. Having been to China, and having truly fallen in love with the place and the people we met there, we now look at these pictures knowing that it's simply a different culture with different ways of doing things. What matters most is that she was so obviously loved and cared for. Her foster mom guided her into becoming the strong, funny, and opinionated little girl we're so lucky to have as our daughter.


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Kathryn Jensen said...

What a super idea and treasure these pictures are! I think that Wynn is just as lucky to have you than you are to have her!! So happy for you all.