Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wynn Facts

Foods She's Tried and Loves:

• eggbake with sausage
• Reddi Whip (very nutritious, I know ...)
• Knox gelatin made with apple juice
• pumpkin muffins

Words She Totally Understands:

• bath and/or water
• hungry
• mine (as in "Keep your mitts off that, Kiddo.")
• puppies (meaning her stuffed animals - a useful distraction when she's doing something she shouldn't - "Wynn, where are your puppies?" always sends her to the other room to retrieve them.)
• stroller (as in "Go ride in your stroller with Baba so Mama can take a bath.")
• the "High and Low" song the Fisher-Price airplane sings. (If we start singing it, she goes and gets that specific toy. Another useful distraction.)
• Ranger (more about him later)

Hand Gestures She Makes:

• hungry (See a theme here?)
• no (done with a head shake)
• bye bye
• give me THAT (done often - VERY often)
• all done (done in reference to a book, a meal, a game, and/or time on the potty)
• "busy hands" (She twirls her hands around in the air as she walks, signalling that she is on a mission [i.e., about to get her sandbox toys to carry them to the swimming pool.])

A few nights ago several of these gestures were combined to form a bit of a sentence: "all done" + "no" + "bye bye". She did this to tell me she didn't want to go to sleep, and scurried backward off our bed as the big finish to make her point that she would be going to the living room to play with toys instead. (Oh, yeah. She can get off OUR bed by herself now. We're so doomed.)

Favorite Activities:

• being put in her booster chair (She giggles with glee. Seriously.)
• putting on a pull-up (as opposed to a diaper, which she finds insulting)
• having her teeth brushed (Yes, You read that right. These are her FAVORITE activities.)
• being wrapped up like a toddler enchilada in her jungle quilt
• trying to kiss the dog on the mouth
• getting Mama to read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear ..." to the dog
• trying to get the dog to play Hide and Seek with her
• playing in her bed (She's still not sleeping in it, though. Sigh.)

She'll be having her first evening with babysitters (Grandma and Grandpa) later this week. Fingers crossed that all goes well for everyone.

- Ann

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Erin Bennett said...

The lack of comments doesn't mean we aren't here--I love checking and reading your awesome updates. She sounds like a kid we need to meet! We'll have to set something up before school starts. :)