Monday, August 6, 2007

Movin' On Up

We are in the process of getting Wynn to sleep in her own room at night. Our current strategy involves putting the air mattress on the floor next to her bed - Scott and I (and Ranger) slept on it Saturday night, and Wynn slept in her bed next to us. Everything went just fine.

Scott and Ranger moved back to the master bedroom Sunday night, while I stayed in Wynn's room next to her. All went well again, except this time she rolled out of her bed onto the air mattress at about five o'clock. She did, however, take a two-hour nap in her bed Monday afternoon without rolling. My suspicion is that she knows when I'm there and when I'm not. So, tonight we're testing my theory - the air mattress has been moved to another part of her room so it's not right up to her bed. I'll still be in the room, and we've put a bunch of pillows alongside her bed so she'll have a soft, safe landing if she rolls out. Fingers crossed that she respects the edge and stays in her bed all night.

In the pictures you can see the Saturday set-up in Wynn's room. She LOVES the air mattress and immediately started bouncing up and down on it. In one picture she's playing her new game with Scott. When we ask her where she keeps her jelly, she lifts up her shirt to say "In my belly, which I want you to tickle while laughing at how clever I am." The game is adorable, but now Wynn answers every question with that same answer:
"Where's your nose, Wynn?"
"In my belly."
"Do you love Ranger, Wynn?"
"In my belly."
"What's the square root of 64?"
"In my belly."

The only questions she answers differently are:
"Do you need a diaper change?" (She walks to the bathroom and signals for you to follow along.)
"Are you hungry?" (She nods emphatically.)
"Would you like to go shopping with Mama?" (She giggles and runs to the top of the stairs.)
"Who gives the best hugs?" (She leans in and gives you a big hug.)

You'll notice one of the pictures is not a particularly good one of Scott or of Wynn, but the expression on Ranger's face really sums up how he's feeling about this whole toddler situation. At least I remembered to buy chew sticks last week, thus confirming for him that he is still loved.

Tomorrow we're going to see the cleft palate specialist, so we should have an update for you in a day or two.


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