Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our 50th Posting

Doesn't seem like we've posted 50 times, but I guess we just have a lot to say...

Wynn's all set to have surgery on September 6th. She'll be having her palate repaired and getting tubes in her ears; they figure if they've got her knocked out once, they might as well do both procedures. When we visited the ENT last week, the audiologist reported that Wynn had a mild loss at the lowest registers; she attributed it to excess fluid behind her eardrums, which the tubes will help. (The toddler-style hearing test involved me sitting in what looked like an old bank vault with Wynn on my lap. When she looked at the speaker the sound was coming from, pictures of Mickey Mouse would light up. It was hard for me to sit still and not "signal" her to turn her head.)

We've read the literature about the surgery and what to expect. We're concerned about how Wynn will take to the "no-no sleeves" she'll have to wear to keep her from bending her elbows - so she can't put her hands or toys in her mouth. She's so stinkin' independent about feeding herself (and even about wiping her face and hands when she's done); we anticipate a bumpy ride while she adjusts to the idea of being fed.

In other news, Wynn has chosen her licensed character to fall in love with: Curious George. She has a book and a stuffed animal that she just adores. The cartoon show was on PBS yesterday, and she sat on my lap for half an hour to watch him. She KNOWS it's him the second he comes on screen; she smiles, laughs, and points at the screen to say, "Look, Mama, that's George!" On yesterday's show George was practicing saying "Surprise!" for a party, so now Wynn is copying him by throwing her arms out to the side and yelling, "Ahhh...!" If I do it, she points at the TV as if to say, "That's where the monkey who says that lives!" At least it's not Barney.

The first picture today shows Wynn in the adorable outfit my mom made for her. When Mom brought the outfit over, she saw that the person Wynn's most cooperative with for dress up is Baba. If I want to change her clothes, it's pretty hit or miss.

The other picture is of an outfit Wynn "created" herself. She found my socks by the hamper, knew they were socks and that they go on your feet, so she pulled them up over her sweat pants and proudly modeled them for us.


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Erin Bennett said...

LOVE Curious George, LOVE the outfit your mom made, and especially LOVE the socks over the sweatpants. Talk about style! :)