Sunday, August 12, 2012

Riding the Dragon

Before the State Fair begins and parking becomes impossible, we decided to use up Wynn's ComoPass ride card Friday night. She had a few turns at the 'drive a car around a circle' rides and one at 'drive a mechanical horse & buggy around a circle' - but for her last ride, she wanted the roller coaster.

She's not quite big enough to go on by herself, so I got drafted to go with her.

The ride was not designed for someone of my size. The first turn has about a 50-degree bank & I was seriously hanging on not to fall out. Then a series of spine-cracking whips...  Repeat three times. I've been nursing a sore back and headache all weekend...
If you're Wynn's size you don't experience the change of inertia the same way. She was glad she rode it but said she's done with roller coasters until she's maybe 10...

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