Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Minnesota State Fair, First Visit, Part 1

We headed over to the Fairgrounds at 7:30 this morning and rolled back home at 11:30.  Taking a nap and cooling off in the air-conditioning now ... we're stamped so we can return later this afternoon.

We had breakfast at the Lunch Box cafe ... and some mini donuts, and a Pronto Pup, some honey ice cream from the Agriculture building (Ann's must-get each year), some fried gyoza from Pham's Deli, and a strawberry smoothie.  I am actually a little bit hungry now...

Have a bunch of photos!
So much less stressful just walking down the street to Machinery Hill rather than fight the traffic...

Giant pumpkins!
This tractor costs more than our house!
We can see our house from here! ... well, it's in among those trees up there
Sharing is caring, especially when it's the Honey ice cream
Rides on the Kidway
Getting a bit crowded as lunchtime approached - time to step out for a while...

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wandering educators said...

LOVE this. such happy faces! i want some honey ice cream!