Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting Ready for the State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair opens this Thursday. The Fairgrounds are only a few blocks from our new place, and it's a favorite spot for us to go walking around - an abandoned city for most of the year. About 2 weeks ago the organizers closed up the gates so that crews and vendors could begin setting up - we took one last walk the day before they locked us out.

In just a few days this street will be mobbed from side to side. But now, it's just us for as far as we can see.
Rainbow benches stacked up under the Grandstand Concourse, waiting to be distributed.
Wynn found an empty stage near the Agriculture Building - and rushed it. She did a three-song set with a different kind of dance for each number.
In Mandarin, of course. Whatta ham.
Soon, Pronto Pups, very soon. Fried sticks of batter and meat are the GREATEST FOOD EVER!
Contemplating the view of the DNR Building and the All You Can Drink Milk Bar, lost in thought.
Wynn doesn't care for pickles at all, but is perfectly willing to shill for them. She even kind of dressed for the set.  Aren't you kind of short for a giant pickle spokesperson?

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