Monday, October 26, 2009

Yep, we got the flu.

I can tell you exactly when it hit: 4 am Saturday morning. I woke up to hear Wynn whimpering in her room. Usually she cries when something has bothered her enough to wake up in the middle of the night, so I knew something was wrong. When I hugged her I could tell right away ... and the thermometer confirmed, 100.9 degrees.

I got right on it with Children's Advil, cool washcloths, and water. She managed to fall asleep about 5 am and finally woke up at 8.

Saturday night was the highest fever at 104.5, but that was only when the Advil wore off. Most of the time this weekend she was perky and full of energy, with some sneezing and coughing. But when the drugs cut out, you could tell immediately.

I think her fever finally broke sometime Sunday night, as she hasn't recorded anything above normal when I check, and I haven't given her any Advil today. We spent the day at home, where so far she has played very nicely and taken it easy on me. This photo is of the nap I hear her waking up from just now...

Sure enough, about 11 this morning, the fever hit me. I've managed to even barf a little this afternoon.

Since I'm not going to be getting a lot of productive work done at the office, I should probably put a plug in for the new Learning Chart that we've just launched:

TREND enterprises, Inc. part number T-38333 "Fight the Flu"

17" x 22" chart, with reproducible activities on the back. Great for classrooms, restrooms, offices, cafeterias.

Suggested retail price just $1.99 through the end of this year.

You can find this chart at the school supply store near you, or directly from TREND.

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