Thursday, October 29, 2009

Folks, you do not want this bug.

Good news is that Wynn has largely shaken off the effects of the virus, with just a lingering cough and occasional sneeziness. She's full of energy and enthusiasm & went back to daycare on Wednesday.

Bad news is that I'm still struggling with fever - 99.5 on average, spiking to 101.5 as I woke up this morning. Have been using full doses of Advil, supplemented by smaller amounts of Tylenol. Drinking juices and water regularly. Sleep has not been a friend - I get a few hours overnight, plus catnaps during the day. (Having Wynn at school finally gives me a chance to rest.) Either the coughing or the fever will wake me up; want to wrap myself in blankets even though I'm sizzling...

Shadow snuggled next to me most of the night. Very sweet pup. But I have no energy to run around and play fetch with him like he wants to.

And when Wynn got home last night, so excited after a fun day with her friends, I was so sad that all I could do was lie there on the couch and watch her, and wish that she wasn't so loud with that beautiful voice and expressive vocabulary of hers.

I miss hugging my wife. I miss sleeping in my own bed.

Folks, you do not want this bug.


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