Saturday, October 17, 2009

Planes, Trains, and ... Buses?

Today we made good use of Seattle's mass transit system, taking the Link to Tukwila and transferring to a bus for the ride to the Museum of Flight. We'd been on the Link before, so that was old hat, but we rode it to the end of the line today and got to see more of the surrounding area.

The Museum of Flight was huge and impressive. Wynn got a chance to get out of the backpack and roam around a bit, racing me across the pedestrian footbridge and pushing every button and knob she could reach. She desperately wanted to get in the cockpit of a fighter plane, but there was a bit of a line. We tried to just keep going, but she was not having that. We waited our turn, and she got her picture taken at the controls.

My favorite part of the museum was outside, where we got to tour the original Air Force One (in service from the Eisenhower through Nixon administrations, so LBJ was sworn in on it on the way back from Dallas in '63) and a Concorde.

Wynn was partial to the gift shop, where she tried on the kiddy Top Gun helmet but ended up getting a box of space mission toys - think Army men with space ships and a lunar module.

We got off at the Chinatown stop on the way back to the hotel and picked up a few more goodies, including a lucky cat for Wynn. It's pink, plastic, and has a solar cell that powers it as it waves. It is currently presiding over about thirty tiny plastic astronauts on the coffee table in our room.

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Anonymous said...


I love Wynn's "I did it," face at the controls of that fighter jet. She is obviously having a great time. What a delight to see the world through her eyes.

Shadow is loving the menu around here. Dad and i discovered that each of us independently, have introduced him to the world of Cheetos. We will be glad to have you safely home.