Friday, October 16, 2009

Tonight's Lead Story

Shopping at Uwajimaya Market

Wynn decided to bring two toy animals along on our trip: a rubber gecko and her Cuddle Bunny Snuggle Bunny, which is, if you couldn't guess, a stuffed rabbit. Cuddle Bunny Snuggle Bunny sleeps in the bed with us, curled up in Wynn's arms.

When we got back from our morning's adventures - riding the light rail to the Uwajimaya Market and Kinokuniya Bookstore in Chinatown and being interviewed for the Channel 7 News about the rain (seriously, we were on tonight's local news) - Wynn was ready to nap, but couldn't find her Cuddle Bunny Snuggle Bunny anywhere. Scott dutifully pitched in, searching every drawer, digging around in the bed, etc. No sign of the rabbit. We figured out that Wynn had left the (white) rabbit in among the (white) sheets on the bed, and housekeeping had already been by, so Cuddle Bunny Snuggle Bunny was most likely on her way to being commercially laundered. Try explaining that to a three year old!

At the Completely Awesome Kinokuniya Bookstore

Wynn was distraught. The pouty lip came out. The eyes welled with tears. She held me and went on and on, "But I need my Cuddle Bunny Snuggle Bunny. She's my cuddle friend. I miss her. She is probably crying because she's lost." No nap was going to happen, so I carried my pouty, barefooted pre-schooler down to the front desk and told them our tale of woe.

About an hour later, there was a knock on our door. There was a member of the hotel staff, holding Cuddle Bunny Snuggle Bunny, a card from the housekeeping staff, and a tin of Starbuck's mints for us. Wynn jumped up and down and cheered with excitement. I'll admit, I even welled up a bit to see her so relieved.

After the crisis was resolved , we walked down to the Seattle Aquarium to see the octopus. Wynn decided it was kinda creepy looking, but she loved the sea otters.

Checking Out the Anemones and Starfish

We stopped off for some salmon chowder and sandwiches at Pike Place Market and then walked back up the hill to our hotel. We've settled in for the evening - doing some laundry, reading books, and resting our legs from all the uphill climbing a visit to Seattle requires.

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Anonymous said...


What a sweet story. I am glad she ended up with her stuffed anmal. All is well here. Dad is going in for the great toy reveal this morning. We are enjoying the blog and looking forward to your homecoming.

Mom and Dad