Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Brief Update

We left for the hospital at 6 this morning and just got home. I'm a little tired right now, but I wanted to get an update everyone on the surgery.

Her surgery went well. There were no complications, and she ended up sleeping in our laps pretty much the entire day. She's having some problems with the pain; her palate repair was bigger than what they usually see, so the tissue really had to be stretched - ouch! Before I left tonight, the surgeon gave our nurse the okay to continue giving Wynn morphine through the night to help ease the pain. Hopefully, she'll get some good sleep tonight and will be more herself tomorrow.

During the times when she was awake today she was strong - sitting up by herself, kicking her feet to complain about having her diaper changed, showing some interest in watching Curious George on TV. She HATES the no-no sleeves, which we expected going in. The staff in the recovery room told us, "Wow! She woke up mad. We gave her morphene thinking it was just pain, but she's plain old MAD at those sleeves." Yep. Totally saw that one coming.

I made it through the day without actually crying, but I did well up when:

• I was holding her and started to wonder whether her foster mom had been there to hold her after her lip repair surgery in China.

• We walked into the recovery room, heard her crying and immediately realized that her "voice" had changed. It makes sense that changing the size and shape of her mouth would change her voice, but we hadn't thought of it until we heard her.

• When I got home tonight and didn't have her with me.

We're hopeful that she'll be able to come home tomorrow, but we'll just have to wait and see. We'll post more details and an update (and pictures of her in the much loathed no-no sleeves) later tomorrow.


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