Friday, September 7, 2007

Breaking News!

Just got off the phone with Ann ... Wynn did eat a serving of sherbet for lunch and it has stayed down -- she is playful and laughing -- the nurses have gotten Tylenol into her without using the IV line and not orally (trying to keep a clean blog here) -- and papers are being written up with the assumption that she will be coming home later tonight!

The lounge chair that transforms into a single bed was actually OK for sleeping on (kudos to Gillette), but I'd just as soon get the inflatable mattress out and set it up next to Wynn's bed here at home. Looks like that's what will happen. :)


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jwaskosky said...

Hi You and wynn are in our prayers.... I have always been amazed at the handy dandy fold out chairs to.. Although one time all there was ,was a bench that was not quite wide enough. Oh well who sleeps any way. Het Scott I spent 3 days at childrens before I could get home for to change. I was looking good hahahhahah. love Jill