Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catching up: Happy Birthday!

Wynn turned 5 this January. Her schoolmate Peter has the same birth date, and his parents gave him a big party at the Shoreview Community Center with a magician, cake, and a couple hours in the five-story-tall jungle gym / super slide / Borg Cube they've got there. So she got to play with all her friends at a birthday-themed party.

For her own birthday party, we kept it low-key - just the family.
Shadow at the ready to help with the cake. Wynn blew all the candles out, and ate the piece with the biggest frosting.

Wynn made up her own party game. She cut out little airplanes and had each of us color one.

All lined up on the runway, we each had to close our eyes, take our plane, and stick it to a world map.
A modern update on "pin the tail on the donkey" by our little jetsetter. Again, entirely her own idea - no coaching from me whatsoever. But hey, that's my girl!

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