Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catching up: Christmas!

Photo essay: 3 relatives' houses over 2 states in 3 days. You'd think everyone would be beating a path to our door, since we have the only grandchild...

Well, couldn't take her sledding in Hong Kong, anyway.
Handmade dragon cap by lolly-tots of Portland, OR - we picked it up at the Saturday Market.

Trying out the microphone on her new cash register. It talks back in English, Spanish, and French Canadian, eh. Reads credit cards and scans barcodes, sort of. Not really. A 5-year old just doesn't need that kind of power. But she can now say "credit approved" in three languages.

Hm. I wonder what I'm going to get next?

Whhheeeee!! The polar bear is actually a puffy pillow. More than once I've found her fast asleep smack on top of it. It is pretty comfortable.

Hard at work with a new K'nex building toy. Check out the awesome pigtails, too. Her hair is long enough now that we can do all sorts of fun things with it...

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