Monday, February 21, 2011

Ah! Caught up!

Ann checking out her new BlackBerry and Wynn in a sunbeam - before Winter came back...

We're members of the Minnesota Zoo, so we thought this Saturday, "hey, why not check out the Zoo before we get cooped up by the storm tomorrow?" Yes, we and every other family with young kids were thinking exactly the same thing, and we all showed up at 10 am. (Why do you people have to have strollers the size of SUVs? Why can't your kids keep their grapes and trail mix to themselves? Why are your children climbing on ME?)
Too cold, too loud, too windy, too tired, too hungry. We need to re-think our Zoo-going strategy, and we're not going to tell any other parents our new method, because the minute we do, it's all over the Internets and then it's no fun anymore.

Wynn did like the bit about posing with Snoopy, but if you think we're going to Valleyfair anytime soon, guess again.

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