Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year. Ow, my head...

My head is throbbing, joints ache, I'm gobbling pills, and washing vomit out of bedsheets.

Too much New Year's partying? Hardly. The most recent adult beverage I had was about two months ago.

No, all three of us humans now have this cold that seems to have struck the country over Xmas break. Poor Wynn was coughing and sneezing all the way up to 12:45 this morning, when BLAARP! she chucked all the snot out of her tummy and onto her bed.

We stripped her and her bed. Ann hustled the pile down to the washing machine while I washed Wynn and dressed her in clean pajamas. I grabbed some pillows and a quilt, and lay down on the floor next to her bed. She slept OK after that, but I'm still stiff and sore. 

She's been in good spirits today; I hear her upstairs running sprints through the living room. (It's supposed to be naptime.) Ann's run out of steam, and, well, I'm hiding down here blogging...

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