Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Wynn!

The rumored snowstorm never happened, so instead we enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Ann's folks' place. Uncle Paul brought a sled, so Wynn was treated to several trips around the yard. 

She has figured out the "hold on to the handles" part, but not the bit about "lean into the turns." So she got to experience a classic sledding wipeout, face-first into the powder. Snow was down her back and in her hair when I picked her up out of the drift. I asked her, "do you want to go some more?"

She looked down at the sled, and then back at me. "Yeah," she whispered.
After supper, we broke out the "cake" (have to admit, SuperTarget does a mighty fine job with the baked goods - light yet moist cupcakes going on there), and Wynn got to show off her breathing exercises for Speech Therapy. She blew out those candles all by herself!

Note: our sweet daughter is a frosting maniac ... licked one cupcake clean and grabbed another off the tray to do the same before we pulled the rest away, to her great consternation. Now I'm not one to be casting stones about liking the frosting - but she did run me ragged tonight playing 'horse'.

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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Wynn! Hope it was a great one!