Monday, May 7, 2007

T minus 29 Days and Holding

The best way I can describe this period is like when we used to pay attention to Space Shuttle launches ... NASA would build in hold time during the countdowns. We wouldn't know how long the hold would take -- sometimes just a few minutes, sometimes days. Frustrating when you were a kid ... especially the hold at T-29 seconds.

Well, here we are at (maybe) 29 days to go. Doing our best not to pace around the room or stare out the window and sigh. So we are trying to keep busy:

- Dropped our tourist visa applications off Saturday. We should have them back by Friday next week. (That's a big step.)
- Taking a good 35-45 minute hike every other day at the nature preserve nearby. I've been wearing a backpack and gradually increasing the load to simulate carrying a toddler on my back!
- Sorting through the paperwork to get everything we need to take with us in order.
- Cleaning the house
- Working on the gardens
- Listening to our ChinesePod lessons (in fact falling asleep with our iPods...)
- Writing up shopping lists...

and pacing around.

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