Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Go for launch"

I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a very helpful CSR at Northwest Airlines' Adoption Bureau at lunchtime today, and several thousand dollars later, have secured our tickets to and from China!

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our NWA Gift Registry. It was definitely helpful! We are one of the very first families to use the Registry for adoption-related travel.

All our other travel arrangements are being made by our friends at Children's Home Society. We don't have to worry about any arrangements in-country. (oh, we'll be *paying* for the arrangements - we just don't have to *make* them...)

Prices for airfare and hotel are much better when purchased within China -- websites outside the country can routinely charge up to 4x more than what you'd pay at a local ticket counter.

As an airline enthusiast, I can't wait to start taking pictures, gathering timetables and marketing goodies, and checking off airports and aircraft types I've never been in before!

(I took this photo last summer - this is NWA Flight #19 leaving MSP ... the very departure we will be traveling on!)

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