Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Care Package

We've been given the "go" to send a package to Wynn's orphanage... a moment we've been dreaming of.

The package can't be too big - shoebox size or smaller, because postal delivery vehicles are often bicycles. Also, too large of a package would catch the eye of Customs, and any hassle with the package means the orphanage simply won't get it.

We are sending:
* a small album of 28 - 4x6 photos. Our folks, our dog, us, her, the house, neighborhood, and the Cities. I looked up translations for each of the photo subjects and downloaded the Chinese characters to print out captions.
* a disposable camera for the orphanage folks / foster family to take pictures of Wynn and her environment.
* a little puppy plush / squeaky rattle
* a small soft blanket that we've been cuddling with as we sleep for the past month
* and a questionnaire that our adoption agency has put together to help the orphanage / foster family document what Wynn's daily routines, likes & dislikes, experiences and such. The answers to these questions, and the photos they will take, will help us transition her to life here in Minnesota and give her a better sense of her life story as she grows up. What they tell us will likely be all we will know about her as a baby.

Ann described this quite well as "first contact." The package goes in the mail tomorrow, and in a week or so, our little girl will be looking at pictures of her mama and baba for the first time.