Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hilton Head Day 5: The ride home

Ugh, awake at 3:45 Eastern Time...  Ann and I are still paying for it now that we're home, although Wynn seems totally unaffected...  
Farewell, beach (after sunset last night). We will miss hearing the sound of the surf while we sleep.
Had to roll out from the hotel at 4:30 for the hour's drive to SAV, top off the tank on the rental car and turn it in. Only 17 people on our flight to New York this morning. Quick load and very early pushback.

Just before sunrise over the coast - click to see the detail of all the little islands!
Sunrise in the near-empty cabin

Sun still coming up as we got to New York City - we flew over the Statue of Liberty and along Manhattan - then over the World's Fair site and a tight TIGHT turn to land at LaGuardia.  (Again, click to embiggen - see the crane on top of the new Freedom Tower?)
We arrived *really* early into New York and had several hours to burn. Nice upgrades to the Delta gate areas. The girls found quiet space to play and read while I looked around.
Our bird home on the right. Again a light load, only half full.
Someone earned her wings on the trip down - the favorite of all the flight crews - and got to visit the cockpit before our final leg home! (See her wings?)
Finally a picture of the three of us...

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