Monday, March 11, 2013

Hilton Head Day 3

Another relaxing day out on the island...  This morning we walked along the beach at high tide - after lunch we walked some more at low tide - and then after dinner we walked on the beach again!  We have a bag full of shells, and Wynn has been learning about marine biology, like how clams burrow into the sand during low tide and spit water out through little holes at the surface ... and jellyfish.  (Oh, she doesn't like even the idea of jellyfish.)

We had an amazing lunch today at Chef David's Roastfish & Cornbread - a real Southern cooking experience.  And Wynn got in some long overdue naptime...

The weather today stayed pleasant in the mid-60s and less windy, although clouds have been thickening and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Since there's not so much to do "indoors" on the island, we are planning to take a road trip down to Savannah and investigate its historic district.

Photos from today:

Here's the beach outside our hotel at high tide.  The waves come right up to the edge of the dunes. 

Stomping in the squishy sand is fun because you can make water squirt out! 
Waiting for our room to be serviced after the morning walk - Ann & Wynn have little songs and hand-clapping games they play...  There are rocking chairs EVERYWHERE on the island...
Here's the restaurant we had lunch at today - it's well off the main route through town and back in the area where the working-class folks live.  Plenty of cars in the parking lot, though.
Crazy-awesome decor inside... this doesn't look like any other place on the entire island 
Crab cakes with collard greens and a sweet-potato-apple-cake.  The greens really took some getting used to, but the cake was amazing.
BBQ shrimp po-boy sandwich (a molasses wheat bread bun) with hush puppies and cole slaw.  Hush puppies... oh yeah...
Here's the beach in front of our hotel again, but this time at low tide - about an entire football field the long way between the dunes and the water's edge now! 

All that walking finally made Wynn go zonk-a-tron on one of the outdoor couches in the patio area of the hotel.  She slept on Ann for almost 45 minutes - we caught a few Zzzzs too - hotel staff stopped as they passed by just to look at how sweet Wynn was...
Dinner at McDonald's - then over to Coligny Beach (about 3/4 of the way down the island -- our hotel is in the middle). This is a big public park and close to restaurants & shops. There are big changing areas and showers & lots of swings and rocking chairs before you cross the dunes to reach the beach.  Many more people down here, lots of college students on Spring Break. The rug heading out onto the sand was a nice touch (because it gets the sand off your shoes as you walk back!)
Ann took off her sandals and went barefoot through the water. "The sand gave nice pumice action to my feet - they're much softer tonight!"
Baba gets into the picture!

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