Saturday, June 11, 2011

Her first modeling gig

The educational products publisher I work for prints a new catalog twice a year, and we like to keep the presentation fresh each time by adding new products, changing the organization of products, showing examples of how our materials are used in the classroom, and using fresh pictures of kids using our goods.

A couple weeks ago our creative team asked me if Wynn would be interested in posing for photos for this summer's catalog. Well, from watching the videos posted here in the past few months, you can definitely tell she's got the taste of the show business bug...

Getting set up in our library, doing color and lighting checks. I wanted Wynn to experience the long stretches of not much happening in between short bursts of picture-taking. She was a great sport about it - stayed where she needed to stay, and took direction very well.

And here she is posing with my coworker Yolanda. They're playing teacher-and-student. We got great poses and product interaction from both of them.

The catalog will be arriving in teachers' mailboxes in early July - I haven't seen the final layouts and cover yet, so it'll be a surprise to see where Wynn shows up!

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