Thursday, June 16, 2011

Copenhagen Trip - Day Three

Bonus afternoon posting!

We all got plenty of sleep last night – Wynn was snoozing until after 9 am, and I managed to get a good 8 hours in.

Our travels today put us on a bus downtown to the main square of Kongens Nytorv, and a short walk over to the historic neighborhood of Nyhavn (new port), where we took an hour-long cruise along the waterfront and canals. This was definitely the best way to see the sights! The castles, important public buildings, and cute upscale neighborhoods all face the water somehow. We covered a lot more ground by not being on the ground, and Wynn had a great time.

Magasin du Nord - the Nordstrom's of Denmark, with a Byerly's supermarket in the basement
What you don't see in this photo are the three busloads of tourists behind us - Koreans, Chinese, Italians, Germans. Everyone is trying to communicate with each other in English, since that's the 2nd language everyone knows... really neat, actually
Most of the buildings along the canal are from the late 1600s - mid 1700s
There are several royal palaces around town; this is the main one, with the national cathedral in the center of the photo
Commercial buildings along the canal - this is where the city was founded
Stock exchange on the left; parliament / supreme court on the right. The tower of the stock exchange is a bronze sculpture of four dragons whose tails intertwine!

We had lunch at a little family café a couple blocks off Nyhavn (the restaurants along the canal are really marked up, but once you move into non-tourist territory, the prices come down…) where Wynn tried smorrebrod – an open-faced rye bread “sandwich” – with toppings of cold-boiled egg and shrimp, and loved it.

We then walked along the shopping avenue called Stroget for some people-watching, and finally caught a bus and train to get back to the hotel about 2:30. Ann’s taking a catnap, and Wynn’s zoned out with Disney Channel (Phineas & Ferb, dubbed in German…)

Depending on how everyone wakes up, we may head back downtown after dinner for a little more sightseeing…

There are elephant sculptures all over town painted up in different schemes as part of a fundraiser to protect Asian elephants & build a new wing at the zoo. Wynn has decided to pose next to every one she sees...
The little building in the middle is an espresso stand. There is cafe seating all over the square here, and a fountain across the street. The only Starbucks in the country is at the airport...
Meh. Someone's getting tired.
Easy-to-use public transportation. No gates or barriers like in Chicago, Tokyo, Hong Kong - it's all on the honor system, apparently, although we see everyone using their punch-card passes.

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