Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monday in Mong Kok

Sleeping, all the way from Tokyo to Hong Kong

Our first morning in Hong Kong was spent walking around our neighborhood, getting our bearings, and starting to adjust our internal clocks, which are running about 14 hours off from the clock on the wall.

We're staying in Mong Kok, on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. The neighborhood's claim to fame is its population density - about 360,000 people per square mile. To say that it's a lively place is definitely an understatement. I'm glad we did a trip to Tokyo last year; coming here first would have been overwhelming. But we're familiar and comfortable enough in big Asian cities that we can handle this. Actually, my initial reaction is that I absolutely love this place.

Mong Kok at Midnight

The Congee Shop Where we Ate this Morning

Don't ask us what it's called, because everything was in Chinese. It was packed with locals and tourists, which is typically a sign of a good place to eat. It was yummy. :-) Wynn liked when one of the cooks walked by with five roasted geese to hang in the window - and when the dishwasher lost control of the hose and ended up giving a shower to half the dining room. Everyone just laughed, and the owner got the mop.

Simple, but Delicious

Hello Kitty Christmas Display = Wynn's Happy Place

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