Monday, November 22, 2010

Like a light, part 2...

The haze which had covered the city all day broke right after we had dinner. Our hotel room has a very nice view to the other side of the harbor (although we can't actually see the water from our floor.)

Every night at 8 pm, the various buildings along the harbor run a laser-light show. Took a while to build up, and it looked better through our own eyes than through a camera's lens. I fiddled around with the exposure settings and ended up with a few neat photos:

Wynn slept through the whole thing, of course. Ann crawled into bed about 8:15 and promptly began sawing logs. I hope she's not awake at 4:30...

I popped across the street for some shelf-stable milk for breakfast just now while everyone else was asleep - and the mall is packed at 8:30 pm. I imagine the "night markets" are also in full gear, but we will have to wait until we can keep conscious into the evening.

Still, we've held up much better at this point on the trip as compared to our Tokyo trip last year. I'm nodding off as I post this so perhaps I'll get a full night's rest (it's almost 9: 30 pm here right now...) --Scott

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