Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Class All the Way

Today we flew to Portland, OR for the first stop on our west coast summer vacation. Thanks to the fine folks at Delta, we were upgraded to first class, so Wynn is now officially spoiled in yet another way. She has already announced to Scott that she "... really likes sitting up front." The best part for us was the legroom (and the never-ending stream of snacks and meals that kept coming our way), but Wynn was mostly in love with the fact that she got her own great big breakfast tray. I think she spent about an hour proudly pouring the milk on her cereal, smearing butter on a bagel, and eating an entire container of cream cheese by licking it off her fingers. I don't know that she ate very much of the meal, but it sure kept her quietly occupied for a nice long time.

Scott and I both encouraged her to cuddle with her blanket and take a nap on the plane. No dice. She was well-behaved but definitely awake for the whole ride. The nap finally arrived as we rode the light rail from the airport to downtown.

We've gotten out and seen a bit of downtown Portland today. After having been in Chicago, we tend to look at a city map and see things as bigger than they are; our experience so far in Portland has been that everything we want to see is easily walkable from our hotel. That said, my pedometer did register about 10,600 steps today, so we've gotten our fair share of exercise.

There's a lot of public art to be seen in downtown Portland, and Wynn is charmed by all the fountains. Scott gave her a penny to toss in one and explained the concept of making a wish. Her wish was for a hug from Shadow. Her favorite artworks are the bronze animal statues across the street from our hotel. She jumped up and down with glee and giggled as she saw each one.

For dinner tonight we somehow managed to step back in time and found an old-school Chinese restaurant; seriously, it was straight out of the 60's. It had that funky old decor, and the dishes themselves looked like antique store finds. It was in an older building that you could tell had been something else at some point, but we're guessing this part of it has been a Chinese restaurant for at least fifty years. The food was quite good (as Scott calls it "Chinese-Chinese, not American-Chinese").

Wynn, who is going through a picky phase, rejected all but the outside of the dumplings and the noodles from my soup. The fortune cookie was, of course, to her liking.

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