Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Surgeon Says ...

Wynn does not need to have surgery this summer! :-)

Both the speech therapist and surgeon were very impressed with the progress Wynn has made since February. She's picked up a few new sounds and is using a predictable sound-substitution pattern for the ones she's still working on. All good news.

Everyone was quite impressed with her recently-acquired ability to drink through a straw. (Which Wynn LOVES doing. She gets such a thrill from being able to drink from a juice box - just like the other kids.) From the prize basket at the end of her successful visit to the doctor, she chose a bright red silly straw as her reward. She's now happily using it to drink apple juice with her lunch.

Grandma and I have both told her how proud we are of her for all her hard work at speech. She's such a determined (and stubborn) little person, and that's helped her keep at it in speech therapy.

She's not out of the woods yet. There are still sounds to work on, but, for now, we can sign up for more fun things to do and enjoy the rest of our summer. Theatre camp, anyone?

(In other news: When Wynn and I got home from the doctor, we were greeted by Shadow, covered in blue painter's tape. He had it stuck to his paws, his chest, the sofa, the living room floor, the coffee table, and his stuffed squirrel. When I laughed and asked Wynn what she thought Shadow had been doing while we were away, she replied, "Um, I think he found the tape.") Yep. Good guess.

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