Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Like the Air on My Feet

When we got up this morning at 3:45, it was about -5 outside. It was hard to get up and get everybody moving at such an early hour, but we all sensed it would be worth it. You see, we had an early flight to catch - and now we're relaxing in a lovely hotel room on Amelia Island, FL.

Wynn traveled like the trouper she is - flirting with the TSA agents, making sure we got her some juice before we boarded the plane, etc. She knows the drill.

The Island is absolutely beautiful - laid-back, quiet, 65 degrees. Our hotel is about two blocks from the Atlantic, so we checked out the beach this afternoon as soon as we got here. With all our travels, neither Wynn nor I have ever stood on the beach and looked at an ocean before; we usually end up flying over them. It was sweet for us to have our first "ocean moment" together.

We have a full kitchen in our hotel room, so we went to the Publix Market this afternoon to get provisions. We were a bit taken aback by seeing so much shelf-space devoted to insecticides (and that it was in the same aisle as the soft drinks), but with all the swampland to our west, I guess it makes sense.

Wynn slept through dinner. Conveniently, we'd decided to go to Sonic, so she just snoozed away in the back seat while Scott and I had our dinner delivered by a car-hop.

The hotel has a really nice seating area with big comfy patio furniture and a fire pit. There was no fire tonight, but, as hardy Minnesotans, we were still out there - alone. We breathed in the air and relished not having to wince from the cold. Wynn pointed up at the stars and told us how she simply can't help herself and MUST wiggle her toes when she is wearing sandals. It was at this point that Scott and I smiled at how great our life with Wynn is - and she interrupted by explaining, "I like the air on my feet."

There's a big, full moon tonight, so we all strolled down to the beach to listen to the waves and watch the moon's reflection. It was glorious. No one else was at the beach. We had miles of white sand all to ourselves. Just us, the waves, the moon, and the lights of a few ships far off-shore.

Yes, getting up SO early and facing the cold was definitely worth it.

Snacking in the Sunshine at the Atlanta Airport

Our First Ocean Moment
(Wynn is literally dancing with excitement.)

Strolling on the Sand

Hanging out by the Unlit Fire Pit
(with a Gecko)

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