Friday, January 29, 2010

Florida Photos of the Day

Showing Off Her Sandals (and Dance Moves)

Moss-Covered Trees at Fort Clinch State Park

The Fishing Pier
(It's a LONG Walk)

Cloudy-Day Beachcombers

Exploring the Tunnels at Fort Clinch

Highlights of the Day (So Far):

• An amazing lunch at the Happy Tomato Cafe in Fernandina Beach: eating on the deck, pulled pork sandwiches, Wynn's first taste of lemonade - and the surprised face she made after the first sip.

• Having most of the places we've been essentially to ourselves: the fishing pier, the best seashell hunting beach, historic Fort Clinch. We don't know if it's due to the clouds or because it's a weekday, but where is everyone?

• Wynn's absolute glee about picking up seashells. "Oooo, look what I found!" she'd call over and over. We talked about all the different shapes and colors, and Wynn figured out that she could use big shell as a shovel to scoop up a bunch of tiny shells. It was an hour of pure bliss - even when Wynn announced that she needed to go potty, and Scott took her behind a sand dune to do it.

• When the Civil War era costumed guide at Fort Clinch basically apologized to us for the weather (60 degrees and overcast). When we pointed out to him that it was sixty degrees warmer than what we'd left at home, he laughed, "Oh, then you folks are just fine."

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