Monday, December 7, 2009

Yes, I Remember

We make a point of frequently talking to Wynn about China, adoption, and the day we became a family. These things have been part of the conversation at our house from the moment we got home two and a half years ago, so Wynn's familiar with the story and the terms. (She hasn't reached the age yet where she realizes that most of her friends' first moments with their families were different than hers, but that will come.)

Here's tonight's bedtime conversation between the two of us. (Picture her with a snotty nose and watery eyes from having a cold.)

Wynn: Remember when I was a tiny little baby? (Holds her fingers up to emphasize tiny, as if she were the size of spool of thread.)

Me: Yes, I remember. You were so tiny.

Wynn: Remember when I was in China?

Me: Yes, you were in China, and Baba and I were here.

Wynn: And you said, "That's our girl. Let's go get her!"

Me: Yes, we saw your picture and knew you were our daughter. We came as fast as we could.

Wynn: And when Baba picked me up -

Me: Yes, Baba carried you back to the hotel room in China.

Wynn: And I cried on Baba.

Me: You did cry.

Wynn: It was 'cause I didn't know who you was yet.

Me: Yep, we knew you were our daughter, but you didn't know who we were.

Wynn: I didn't know yet, but now I know. You Mom and Baba. (big smile)


Sarah said...

Tears in my eyes...

Holly said...

Seriously tearing up. What a sweet girl.

Erin Bennett said...

Oh, this made me cry. So sweet!