Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making the Medicine Go Down

When we tried to give Wynn her second dose of penicillin (for strep), she protested.

The third dose she spat out into a cup of water.

The fourth dose went down - while we held her nose and tipped her head back.

Subsequent doses have gone down easily, accompanied by laughter.

Here's the (new and improved) procedure for getting her to take her medicine:

• Cheer, "Swallow fast! Swallow fast!" as you put the penicillin in her mouth.

• Hand her a cup of milk, so she can take a big swig.

• Produce an enormous box of Godiva chocolates and let her choose one.

Works like a charm.
Every time.

1 comment:

Erin Bennett said...

Too funny. My roommate in college had a regimen for taking liquid nyquil, and it required my help on more than one occasion. Down the nyquil, eat a cracker, drink some water, and eat a piece of chocolate. :)