Wednesday, April 8, 2009

She's a Magical Ninja Princess Bakery Engineering Salesperson

Playing the "what will Wynn grow up to be?" game just gets more and more fun as she gets bigger and more sophisticated with language and expression. She's mastered the art of stacking boxes, here demonstrating her interpretation of the Petronas Towers. She figured out on her own she needed a stepstool to place the topmost pieces.

I knew I needed to ask Ann out when I tried her carrot cake; her family is well-known for baking. Wynn seems to be picking up the skills from her mom, and she digs the outfits!

I suspect our daughter will gravitate toward a role where she can employ her persuasive skills. Here she was last weekend explaining her interpretation of the rules of Candy Land to Ann's folks and walking them through a game.

Truly, every day brings something new. Her expanding world is carrying us happily along with it.

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