Friday, April 10, 2009

A New Car!

We got past the playing with the cardboard box stage and finally unveiled the super-cool plasma car.

Wynn's reaction? 
"A new car!!" 
How very Price is Right of her. 

She understood to sit on it right away, but the lack of pedals threw her, so she scooted it along Flinstone- style on the carpet for a while. Then I had her take it over on the linoleum in what used to be our dining area. (It's now Wynn's Play Space, which is what she calls it too.) 

On the smooth floor, the car moves much more easily by just moving the wheel from side to side. Of course, Wynn yells, "Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle!" as she moves the handle back and forth, and she pretends the yellow button in the middle of the wheel is a horn and honks it constantly

She rode around on it in the Play Space while wearing her p.j.'s right up until it was time to go to bed. 
Fun! Fun! Fun!

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